5 crops to grow during the rainy season September 2, 2021 – Posted in: Gardening

With the rainy season in full swing, did you know that there are numerous crops that thrive in wet conditions and grow exceptionally during this time of year? The Met Office announced the start of the rainy season on May 23rd this year, and this will continue for the next 6 months into November.

Here are five crops which are more rain tolerant and flourish during the rainy season:

1. Sweet peppers

With so many varieties of sweet peppers such as Cubanelle, California Wonder 300, Purple Beauty and Hungarian Sweet Wax, to name a few, one may be tempted to try quite a few different types. Sweet peppers are a great addition to one’s kitchen garden and are not very difficult to grow. You can start harvesting your sweet peppers approximately ninety days after planting.

Although they enjoy a good drink of water, these plants don’t like ‘wet feet’ so make sure your soil is well-drained. For in-ground planting, you can also make your soil into mounded rows to ensure water drains away from their roots thoroughly.

These peppers will also flourish in a good, balanced fertilizer such as Technigro Tomato and Pepper Plant Food which has a high phosphorous content that stimulates root growth for quick results.

2. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a rich source of vitamin C and help to increase your immunity. There are many different types of tomatoes ranging from Roma and Calypso tomatoes to large Beefsteak varieties.

Tomatoes require a regular fertilization schedule. When selecting a fertilizer, avoid any that contain a high nitrogen content, because this will cause the plant to produce an overabundance of foliage and growth but very little fruit production. Technigro Tomato and Pepper Plant Food promotes healthy plant growth and produces large, juicy tomatoes.

3. Cucumbers

Cucumbers grow better in an evenly moist, fertile soil and thrive in small spaces because of their climbing abilities. Trellising protects against damage to cucumbers lying on the moist ground. If space is a constraint, cucumbers can also be grown in containers.

4. Ochroes

Wet and humid climate is an absolute favourite condition for ochroes or okras to grow. Studies have also shown that mucilage, the slimy substance found in ochroes, can aid in lowering blood cholesterol levels.

Ochroes like well-draining, rich soil and frequent watering. They also don’t take long to start yielding with the first harvest ready about two months after planting. Don’t leave them too long on the tree however, as they’re best when soft and pliant. If they stay too long on the tree they may get too hard for cooking.

5. Lettuce

A kitchen garden would do well with the addition of some lettuce crops – there is also a range of different varieties including Bronze Mignonette and Red Romaine.

It’s a good idea to try growing lettuce in raised beds to facilitate drainage and promote aeration as soil is loosely compacted into mounds.

Lettuce does well with the regular application of fertilizer and daily sunshine to grow thick and healthy. Technigro Lettuce and Leafy Plant Food promotes lush and rapid growth with large leaves and dense heads.
Like the aforementioned crops, lettuce enjoys well-draining, rich soil. Our Agri World specially formulated potting mix contains SunGro Canadian peat, aged chicken manure and other key ingredients that enrich soils and ensures abundant yields.

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