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– – Cure Insecticide 60 Ml – 1.8ec Bio Miticide/Insecticide


Control of mites, leaf miners and sucking insects.


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Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) – https://ftfshop.wpenginepowered.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/MSDS-CURE-60.pdf

  • Class IV insecticide.
  • Active Ingredient: Abamectin.
  • Formulation: Emulsifiable Concentrate.
  • Model of Action: Control of mites, leaf miners and sucking insects.
  • Contact, ingestion & residual with translaminar properties.
  • Works slowly. High risk of resistance.
  • Neurotoxin leading to paralysis.
  • Dosage: Low dose: 30-225ml/Acre in 50 gallons of water. Addition of surfactant recommended.
  • Application Interval: >5-7 days in rotation with other insecticides.
  • Usage: Wide range of crop applications.
  • PHI: 3 days.


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