5 things to know when starting your herb garden July 13, 2021 – Posted in: Gardening

Growing your own herb garden, whether using pots, grow bags or troughs can not only be enjoyable, but also help cut down on your grocery bill.

Here in Trinidad and Tobago, some of the more popular herbs include chadon beni, chive, fine thyme, parsley and celery. However, if you are an aspiring exotic herb gardener, you can opt for rosemary, mint, dill, basil and fennel to name a few. 

Here are five tips to starting your herb garden: 

1. Sunlight 

Herbs usually prefer 4-6 hours of sunlight daily so placing your pot or trough close to a bright, sunny window is ideal for your indoor herbs. The more light that you provide for your indoor herb garden is better as it contributes to the rich flavour of the herbs. 

2. Space 

You can add a pop of green to your life whether you have a garden, balcony or confined space. Troughs are ideal for small areas as they can be kept near the kitchen area where it’s easy to add them when preparing a meal. 

If growing mint, consider a hanging basket near your kitchen window where it can catch sunlight and also leave a wonderful fragrance – if you’re trying to get started, Agri World has a wide selection of pots and troughs for your herb garden. 

3. Herbs 

Choose the herbs that you use on a regular basis. When planting them, allow a few inches around each herb for them to be able to spread and grow. Some herbs that are ideal for companion planting are: 

  • Chives and parsley 
  • Mint and oregano 
  • Rosemary and sage 
  • Thyme and basil, rosemary, oregano or sage 

4. Soil  

To ensure a healthy start to your herb garden, a high quality potting mix is a must. Agri World’s potting mix has a well-balanced composition of SunGro Canadian peat, sharp sand and aged chicken manure.

Unlike potting soils which are too heavy and don’t allow the plant’s roots to breathe, this potting mix provides excellent drainage and moisture retention, which is best for growing herbs indoors. 

5. Fertilizer 

To promote healthy growth, feed your herbs with the right nutrients. You can use a water soluble fertilizer such as Technigro’s Special Herb Plant Food or Black Gold’s range of organic fertilizers which are OMRI (Organic Material Review Institute) approved. 

Looking to start your own garden? Agri World’s personalized herb gardening kits will have your herb garden up and flourishing before you can say ‘chadon beni’. 

These Gardener’s Kits are available in July for introductory prices: Medium Kit $100 and Large Kit $150.  

The kits consist of the following: 


  • Truper 6″ shovel 
  • Truper 6″ fork 
  • 225g Technigro Special Herb Plant Food 
  • 1 trough pot (Medium) 
  • 1 10-litre bag of Agri World potting mix  
  • 1 pair of gardening gloves 
  • 3 small potted herb plants  


  • Truper Garden Tool Set (4 Piece) 
  • 225g Technigro Special Herb Plant Food 
  • 1 large trough pot 
  • 1 15-litre bag of Agri World potting mix  
  • 1 pair of gardening gloves 
  • 4 small potted herb plants  

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